February 2015 • The Gallery

Call for “Classic Subjects: Landscape and Architecture”
Application due March 11.

Current Show

Classic Subjects: Still Life

January 16 to April 10, 2015
Meet the Artists Reception, Friday, January 16, 6:30 to 8PM
Debra Weier, juror

Still Life with Oranges, photograph by Theresa Hood; African Violet on Green, mixed media by Pico Reinoso, Okra, photograph by James Occi. All copyright by the artists.


Stephanie Barbetti – Don Bloom – Indrani Choudhury
N.J. DeVico – Tammy DeVoe – Gerry Feldman
Rhonda Goodwin – Catherine Gowen – Wendy Heisler
Barbara Hochberg – Theresa Hood – Mary Allessio Leck
Vadim Levin – Catherine Martzloff – James Occi
Andrea Orlando – Pico Reinoso – John Sandstedt
Edwin Santiago – Nancy Scott – Leona Seufert
Lynn Cheng Varga – Phil Welsher – Monica Weinschenk
Juror Debra Weier writes about the exhibition:

Still life as an artistic discipline has a long history. I remember my earliest drawing and painting classes which displayed a table of mismatched mannequins, old coffee cans, fabric, chairs and the like. How uninspiring! How unimaginative! Those were my early reactions. After a few semesters under my belt, I began to love the stacked detritus and find creative ideas hidden amongst the clutter. Still life is a wonderful tool for examining color, composition and texture, but can also be used as a catalyst for ideas.

While scanning through the digital images of the entries for this show, I was happy to see some very beautiful works of art inspired by still life. I saw considerable technical skill in both painting and photography, and some works took the idea a step further and created a sense of wonder, surprise, or something unexpected and fresh. It is this aspect of a creative work which attempts to reach us on a deeper level, allowing us to connect with our audience in a way that can change us, help us to grow, and see life from a different perspective. In this sense, visual art shares its inspiration with music, dance, film and other art forms.

I have not named each artist and the attributes of each piece. There were some pieces that inspired me more than others, some that I was not sure about because of the digital format, but I tried to be as objective as a juror can be in choosing works from a range of perspectives. Overall, I admire all of the selections for the sheer act of taking the step forward to create, and then to go a step further and submit work for the courageous act of judgment. My praise goes out to all of the artists!

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